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Hello everyone!
My name is Chris and that's my personal website, totally dedicated to minerals, those wonderful flowers of nature!
This could be considered the updated version of the older http://it.geocities.com/machv83 website.
As mineral collector, I love swapping minerals, but I can also sell some of them if you have no specimens to swap.
I'll update my swaplist as soon as I get new entries.
Hope you find my site interesting!
Wish you good netsailing!

the size of specimens is intended as box size. Cabinet may have many micro xls and micros may have one “big” xl, so ask me first if you are interested about specimens listed. Mailing costs are at buyer’s charge. If we swap, each of us pays the parcel that send. Multiple specimen parcel save mailing costs. Over 200€ mailing costs are paid by me. Prices are intended in €, if you want to pay in $ contact me first. Payment must be done sending me cash in a registered letter. For costs over 100€ contact me. 
All specimens have been selected due to their quality and their rarity for the loc where they have been collected or generally for their rarity worldwide. If you don’t like the specimens you receive, you just send me back the specimen and I send you back your money or your minerals (if we have done a swap). 

MM (MicroMounts) (<42 x 37 x 32mm, if boxed) 
TN (Thumbnails) (42 x 37 x 32mm or 62 x 47 x 42 mm boxes, if boxed)
CAB (Cabinet-small cabinet) (76 x 66 x 56mm, if boxed, or more)

Adularia and quartz - Colouless to white (rarely light yellow!!) adularia xls, often star twinned (like arsenopyrite does!!) associated to hyaline quartz. They form plates upon red jasper!Great contrast, very nice under the scope, really lustrous!Xls rarely over 1mm, but always well formed.
Gambatesa mine, Val Graveglia, Genova province, Liguria region, Italy (1 to 4) (TN)

Analcime - Colourless to light green xls upon serpentinite.Size of bigger xl approx 1,5mm.Very lustrous! 
Frassinoro, Modena province, Emilia-Romagna region, Italy (3 to 5) (TN)

Ankerite and calcite - Brown rhombohedric xls of ankerite (2mm when isolated) upon colourless to white calcite xls (approx 3-4mm) into creamy marble vugs. Exceptional contrast, especially for scope photography!Most calcite faces look "rounded"! 
Crestola Bassa quarry, Carrara quarries, Carrara province, Tuscany region, Italy (7) (CAB)

Calcedony - Grey-blue botroids on siliceous matrix. Interesting loc, not showy specimen. 
S. Antioco, Cagliari province, Sardinia region, Italy (1) (MM)

Calcite - Small aggregate of white xls from the inside of a worldwide famous mine. One light orange specimen also available!
Miniera S. Giovanni, Cagliari province, Sardinia region, Italy (2) (MM)

Hematite - Sharp and lustrous metallic blades, loose xls, mostly 1,5x1cm size, rare to find anymore, now this historic loc seems to be exhausted! Only few available! 
Fosso del Cancherone, Vesuvius, Naples province, Campania region, Italy (5) (TN)

Hemimorfite - Tabular colourless xls into limonitic vugs, all terminated. Very old stuff, been told of late '60s. 
Fluminimaggiore, Cagliari province, Sardinia region, Italy (4) (MM, TN) 

Hemimorfite - Tabular colourless xls, great drusies, all crystals are teminated. Top quality micros!!
Zorzone mine, Bergamo province, Lombardy region, Italy (4) (MM)

Hibschite - Light to deep red coloured xls of this garnet variety from this historic locality!Now this place is national reserve!In most cases associated to clinochlore.The matrix is a rodingite.Specimens of 1987!!
Passo del Fajallo, Savona province, Liguria region, Italy (3 to 5) (MM)

Magnetite - Black lustrous cube-octahedric specimens upon green or light yellow lizardite, often associated to colourless tabular titanite. Bigger magnetite xls to 2mm! 
Molino Manubiola, Val Manubiola, Parma province, Emilia-Romagna region, Italy (1 to 4) (MM, TN, CAB)

Melanophlogite - Pseudocubic colourless xls upon brown tripoli matrix, very lustrous, great contrast. New loc, in the very next months reference will be available upon Rivista Mineralogica Italiana!Melanophlogite xls may reach the size of more than 1mm!!! 
Case Montanini, Parma province, Emilia-Romagna region, Italy (4 to 8, ask me for big ones) (MM, TN, CAB)

Opal - White to colourless opal balls upon brown tripoli matrix. Great contrast! Smaller xls are usually colourless, bigger are white. Same loc of melanophlogite. 
Case Montanini, Parma province, Emilia-Romagna region, Italy (3 to 8) (MM, TN, CAB)

Phengite - Deep green to olive mica aggregates upon white dolomite matrix. Great contrast, usually full specimens and great for photography! 
Buca nella Vena mine, Seravezza, Garfagnana valley, Lucca province, Tuscany region, Italy (2 to 4) (MM, TN, CAB)

Titanite - Colouless tabular xls with many faces, upon green or light yellow lizardite, often associated to black lustrous cube-octahedric magnetite (see magnetite from Molino Manubiola, often combo)

...also available some massive yellow aragonites, fluorescent under UV showing bright yellow colour! Sicilian specimens of the late 80s, not aesthetic at all, but great for UV lovers. LW (Long Wave) tested. 

Useful links
www.mindat.org - Probably the best mineralogical database available online. Users have the chance to partecipate and to add new minerals and new locs, so it becomes more rich everyday!
http://prof.cce.ms/ricardo/ - Ricardo is a portuguese mineral collector specialized in worldwide zeoliths. Very good swapper, the trading list is often updated with interesting species. Its specimens are usually top quality!

Soon available: Vesuvius stuff!!

For any request, suggestion, link exchange proposal and everything else feel free to contact me at: machv83@hotmail.com

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